Trans Controversy Cooked Up by Elites to Divide and Rule American Masses

Transgender Youth CaliforniaInternationalIndiaAfricaJames TweedieGeopolitical analyst, veteran, author, and commentator Lucas Gage denounces the White House’s transgender agenda as an attempt to alienate children from their parents.The politics of transgender and ‘queer’ identity is a psy-op designed to divide society along generational lines, a US author has said.The trans issue has increasingly dominated politics in recent years — even contributing to bringing down the devolved government of Scotland after it passed a new law that immediately saw a trans-identified male rapist locked in a woman’s jail.Since Joe Biden was inaugurated as US president in January 2021, the White House has issued executive orders forcing school girls’ sports teams to admit boys who identify as female, and has brought transgender social media figure Dylan Mulvaney in as an advisor.Lucas Gage told Sputnik how he asked his seven-year-old son if people can change sex.

"'You can't transform. Everyone knows that'," the boy said. "Actually, you'd be surprised that they don't."

“The problem is, is what happens is these kids go to school and they’re told that it can happen and then they believe it,” Gage said. “If you leave kids to their own nature, they know it’s not true, it’s impossible. But if you program them like we see today, this is what these kids now believe that, yeah, you can be anything you want.”While that might seem like common sense to most, ‘woke’ liberals disagree. “They say it’s hateful, it’s transphobic. It’s not. These people are trying to change reality itself.”Some sources claim up to 40 per cent of transgender people attempt suicide, while their identity is largely defined by the mental condition gender dysphoria.

"Why do you want to teach children an ideology that could lead to a higher suicide rate?" Gage asked. "It doesn't make any sense unless you want to hurt the children."

“It’s something that we have to address mentally, and it doesn’t make sense to cut off parts and do surgeries and take puberty blockers because you’re not going to solve a mental problem with with physical action,” he added.AmericasNashville Christian School Shooter Identified as 28-Year-Old Trans Male Audrey Hale – Police27 March, 22:53 GMT”They are pushing it really hard.” Gage said. “These people at the top, they want to really destroy the family. And I think this is a fatal mistake.”The veteran argued that “Mama and Papa Bear” would put up with attacks on their livelihoods and just work harder. “But you start attacking the kids directly, this is where you piss off parents.”

"I literally believe it's a psy-op that the United States government and Western governments are, I guess, implementing on society," Gage said. "I don't see this happening in Russia. I don't see it happening in China. In fact, they ban this kind of nonsense."

“The parasite class, the people at the top, they’re undermining society through this culture war. That is, to undermine the family unit,” he said. “It’s the children they want to target so that one day they go, Daddy, you’re just a stupid bigot and they turn against their parents.”For more in-depth analysis, check out our radio show The Backstory.


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