Russia Develops EW System to Disrupt Spacecraft Communications

 / Go to the mediabankMobile headquarters of Russia’s Krasukha 4 electronic warfare system. File photo / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaOleg BurunovThe Russian Armed Forces’ EW troops are currently equipped with advanced systems of electronic reconnaissance and suppression, which are fairly considered among the best in the world. Russia has developed a new electronic warfare (EW) system capable of disrupting spacecraft communications in geostationary orbit, a source familiar with the situation told Sputnik.They added “this [geostationary orbit] is approximately 36,000 kilometers (about 22,300 miles) above sea level.”The source declined to disclose details about the new Russian EW system, only saying that “the power of its emitters at short range allows not only to suppress, but also to permanently disable enemy electronics.”The remarks come as the Russian Armed Forces commemorate the Day of the Electronic Warfare (EW) Specialist, which has been celebrated since 2006, in line with a decree issued by President Vladimir Putin.Right now, the Russian army is fitted with a variety of sophisticated EW systems, including “Krasukha,” “Moskva,” “Infauna,” “Leer,” and “Triad,” with some of them being used in Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.MilitaryEx-Pentagon Officer: Russia’s Robust Capabilities in Electronic Warfare Second to None07:00 GMTEW pertains to any strategic use of the electromagnetic spectrum against an enemy in a military conflict. The most commonly practiced type of EW is jamming, aimed to limit an enemy’s ability to exchange information by overriding radio transmissions or by sending signals to prevent radar detection or convey false information.


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