Polish Cabinet Authorizes Temporary Ban on Ukrainian Grain Imports

A combine harvester gathers grain from a field in Ukraine (file).InternationalIndiaAfricaWARSAW (Sputnik) – The Polish Council of Ministers on Saturday authorized the heads of relevant agencies to temporarily ban grain imports from Ukraine, the Polish government said. Earlier in the day, the Polish Cabinet held a meeting in Warsaw, where Agriculture Minister Robert Telus outlined the current problems related to the uncontrolled inflow of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine. Members of the Council of Ministers, chaired by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, discussed possible solutions and formal measures Poland can take to protect its farmers and consumers, as well as stabilize the agricultural market. AfricaUkrainian Wheat Under Grain Deal Was Used to ‘Feed Spanish Pigs’, Report Says15 February, 21:12 GMTFollowing the meeting, the Cabinet “authorized the minister of agriculture and the minister of development and technology to issue relevant legislation to protect the Polish agricultural market from destabilization, including a temporary ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine,” the government said in a statement. Istanbul Grain DealTop 10 Destinations of Ukrainian Grain14 March, 12:45 GMTIt is noted that the relevant ministers are in constant contact with the Ukrainian authorities to address the “difficult situation related to the destabilization of the agricultural market,” the statement read.


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