Leading Japanese Universities Against Use of ChatGPT, AI in Students’ Paper

Artificial IntelligenceInternationalIndiaAfricaTOKYO (Sputnik) – Leading Japanese universities oppose the use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence programs for writing educational and scientific research papers, the Japanese broadcaster reported on Monday. President of the Kyoto University warned students at the welcoming ceremony against the use of artificial intelligence, as “there is a risk that a text created by AI will have mistakes,” adding that the text writing is an important part of the educational process, and also wished them to “develop a habit of doing it on their own and spend time writing texts,” according to the news outlet. In turn, the University of Tokyo posted a message signed by the vice-president on its internal portal for students, which says that academic papers “should be written by students themselves and this is the starting point, and they cannot be created by artificial intelligence alone,” the media report said. Science & TechI, Doctor: AI ChatGPT Almost Passes US Medical Licensing Exam 11 February, 11:51 GMTThe Sophia University has even developed several principles regarding artificial intelligence – the use of AI for writing “reports, essays and term papers is unacceptable, and if it is detected, severe punishment will be imposed,” but such means can be used only in a limited number of cases with the teacher’s permission, media reported. The Tohoku University has warned that the use of AI can lead to a leak of unpublished research papers or sensitive information, according to the report.


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