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Ordering cars on European resources and selling used cars have become very popular in modern society. The fact is that, due to the characteristic features of European consumers, on such sites you can often find a rather attractive version of a used car for relatively little money. For example, companies in highly profitable countries can put up for sale a practically new car at a reduced price, it will be a car from a leasing company or a test drive from an authorized dealer.
So why not take advantage of these opportunities?

In addition, cars from Europe, when ordered, are delivered much faster than those listed on American sites. And this is a significant plus for the buyer: there is no need to wait several months until the necessary machine arrives on the ship.

At the same time, not all sites should be trusted. There are both solid and short-lived trading platforms on the market. Therefore, it is very important to figure out who you can trust in this industry, and with whom it is better to refuse interaction. One of the most reputable resources is Euauservice.

How to bring a car from Europe with Euauservice?

It is safe to say that buying used cars in Europe through auctions is the most profitable, safe and acceptable option. Buying a car through this service allows you to minimize the risks. When dealing with a dealer, it can be quite difficult to get reliable information about its activities. When working with a wonderful service, such problems do not arise.

European Auction Car Sevice has long been providing assistance in finding and ordering cars, including those from Europe. During this time, the credibility and trust of customers has been earned, an extensive database has been created. The company’s database brings together a huge number of automotive sites from around the world. Both consulting assistance and assistance in the ordering process itself are provided. Choosing the services of the company, customers receive the quality and security of the transaction.

How to order a car with delivery to the UAE or other countries of the Persian Gulf?

Decide on the most convenient payment format. The usual purchase scheme involves making an advance payment, after which the preparation of documents and a car for shipment to your city begins. At the moment, the delivery of European cars with mileage is carried out in 28 countries of the world. The client pays the remaining amount for the car upon sending the euro from the port.

There is also an installment plan, when an initial payment is made, and the remaining amount is divided into equal payments according to an agreed and signed schedule for 2 years at 3% per annum.
There is an installment calculator on the site, but it is recommended to discuss specific conditions with a company specialist.

Please note that the company undertakes the execution of all necessary documents for sending the car and passing through customs with the payment of the lowest possible duty. After the car arrives at the Customer’s address, the specialists also help with the local registration of the vehicle.
The task of European Auction Car Service is to warn a bona fide buyer about a bad car buying experience and offer a quality and fast service. Make sure that buying a car becomes a mutually beneficial event for the Customer and the company!

They can be trusted! First of all, they show maximum flexibility in relation to the Customer. They have a full range of resources to optimize the costs associated with the design and organization of the process of delivering cars “to the door”.

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