African Students Test Russian Language Skills on a Nuclear Icebreaker

The nuclear icebreaker Lenin InternationalIndiaAfricaThe Total Dictation project, in which everyone who studies Russian can test their knowledge, takes place every year in Russia. Both Russians and foreigners can challenge themselves and find out their proficiency.Young students from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Morocco, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan have taken part in a test of Russian language knowledge, which was held on the nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin off the coast of Murmansk in the Barents Sea in northern Russia.African and Asian students tested their mastery of Tolstoy’s language as part of the Total Dictation project, an annual national competition for the best spellers held in Russia.Murmansk hosted the TruD language test for the first time, Russian media has reported.The TruD test consists of a series of exercises aimed at demonstrating one’s knowledge of the basics of the Russian language, the ability to read and write. The project was created for those who study Russian as a foreign language and wish to take part in Total Dictation, but are not sure they can write the original text intended for Russian citizens.The young Africans and Asians who took part are all studying at various faculties of Murmansk State Technical University. They have different levels of proficiency in the Russian language, but are all trying to improve it.


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